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Bedroom Furniture Restoration

///Bedroom Furniture Restoration

Make What’s Old New Again & Give Your Bedroom Furniture New Life!

Did you know the average person spends a third of their life sleeping? In fact, a good night’s sleep is so important to our daily function that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain and decreased pain tolerance—in severe cases sleep deprivation can cause hallucinations, mental illness and even death! So you want to make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep every day.

But what if your bedroom just isn’t conducive to good sleep? When you’ve had the same decor for several years, it starts to look tired and outdated; it starts to be a snooze, and not in a good way. It’s time to redo that bedroom.

Updating the style of your bedroom includes repainting, hanging new curtains, refreshing the decor, and, for many Triangle area homeowners, buying new furniture to complement the new decor. However, there are also many homeowners whose furniture carries sentimental value. It’s antique or was made by a family member, and even though it’s showing its age and doesn’t look quite right with the new decor, you’re not willing to give it up. That’s where Mumford Restoration comes in.

Update Your Existing Furniture

Let’s say your bedroom set belonged to your great-grandparents and has been passed down to you. The bed, slept in nearly every night for the better part of a century, has chipped finials and scratch marks from one of the family pets. The dresser has peeling veneers and a missing caster. The vanity has a couple sticky drawers.

It’s showing its age, but replacing a bedroom set that’s been in your family for four generations would be unthinkable. Mumford’s furniture restoration specialists will repair the peeling veneers and replace the missing caster, refinish and restore the scratched and chipped wood, and resolve the sticky drawer situation. We’ll even treat and polish your brass-wares and finish them off with a coat of lacquer to preserve the finish. Mumford Restoration will take your careworn antiques and return them to you in like-new condition, as if they were never even used!

From refinishing and repair, to new upholstery and even a professional paint job, we work miracles to restore your family memories.

Trust Your Furniture Restoration To The Professionals

You’ve probably seen home improvement shows where designers scour thrift shops for cast off furniture and then paint or stain it to give it a new look, and you’ve probably thought, I love how that came out. I should try that! We understand the urge to take what’s old and make it new again, but when it comes to your family’s heirloom furniture, we don’t suggest giving it the DIY treatment.

A DIY refinishing job could go wrong, leaving your with a bedroom set that doesn’t look at all the way you wanted it to. Having professionals like the furniture refinishing specialists at Mumford update your sentimental furniture will guarantees that the restoration is done correctly, with no color mismatches or uneven finishes. Your newly refurbished bedroom set will look exactly the way you imagined.

Bring New Life To Your Bedroom!

Are you ready to stop sleeping in the room that time forgot? Give your bedroom and your bedroom furniture the update they deserve. Call Mumford Restoration and schedule a free bedroom furniture restoration estimate today at (919) 510-6310.

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