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Expert Chair Restoration Services

Mumford Brings New Life To Your Favorite Chairs You may have a beloved chair that has simply seen better days. It may just be sitting away in storage, unused, damaged and unpleasant to look at, but that doesn’t mean its life is over! You can easily give your favorite chairs new purpose [...]

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Antique Restoration

Make Your Old, Inherited Furniture And Antiques New Again! Everyone has one. An old antique that has withstood the test of time. That dated piece of furniture just collecting dust in the corner, looking dull and sticking out like a sore thumb in your home or taking up space in the garage. [...]

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The Value of Art Restoration

How Art Restoration Increases The Value Of Your Antique Art Proper Restoration Increases Face Value AND Cash Value of Your Artwork! For a lot of people, the words “art restoration” in relation to their favorite or incredibly sentimental heirloom artwork can be a pretty frightening thought. Trust some “art restorer” to enhance my [...]

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Restoration Services

Breathe New Life Into Your Holiday Traditions By Restoring The Heirlooms That Help Give Them Meaning Every family has certain holiday traditions that they hold dear. Some are universal, like gathering around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving feast; others are quite unique, like singing “Happy Birthday” to the Christmas roast before [...]

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