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If It’s Broken, We Can Fix It!

Finding custom and antique glass to repair or replace broken glass in furniture, artwork or antiques can be a daunting task. The challenge of replacing curved glass, wavy glass, custom glass panes or mirrors can cause you to live with furniture that looks dilapidated….simply because you have no idea where to start the process!

The first step is always to identify the type of glass. The age and build of the furniture or artwork can provide clues as to the type of glass. But below is a brief description of the types of glass frequently used.

Crown Glass:

Often referred to as “bulls-eye glass” or “wavy glass”, this was the best quality window glass for centuries, and was used up until the 1850s. The glass was kept hot and fluid in front of a furnace, and the worker spun a rod with his hands so the centrifugal force stretched the glass out into a thin disc. You can identify crown glass by the subtle curved swirls or ripples in the panes.

Cylinder Glass:

Cylinder glass (also called broad glass or sheet glass) was developed to meet the need for larger panes. Glassworkers blew large tubes of glass, often up to 7 feet high and 18 inches in diameter. The glass was then either cut into curved panels for furniture, or flattened for windows and panels. Cylinder glass can be identified by the smooth side (once the outside of the cylinder) and the rough side (formerly the inside). The glass may also have faint parallel ripples.

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Before Mumford Glass Restoration

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After Mumford Glass Restoration

Curved Glass:

Often used in China cabinets or display cases, curved glass is one of the most in-demand items for our customers. If the furniture piece was built before 1900, most likely Cylinder Glass was used as described above. If the piece is more modern, than custom curved glass can be ordered and installed.

Flat Glass:

Most frequently used in furniture, clocks and mirrors since the mid 1900s, this basic glass can shatter relatively easily into shards.

Tempered Glass:

Glass that has been given a special heat treatment. It looks the same as ordinary glass, but can be several times stronger. It’s hard to break even when hit forcefully, and if it does, the entire piece of glass collapses into small, dull-edged fragments.

Crown glass or cylinder glass in antique furniture can only be replaced through obtaining pieces salvaged from other furniture or windows. In our 35 years in business, we have developed resources for obtaining these rare pieces, and our craftsmen are skilled in cutting and fitting each piece of glass, maintaining the authenticity of the restored furniture.

For more modern pieces, we cut and fit custom glass for furniture, artwork and tabletops; including beveled glass and mirrors.

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