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Bring That Sentimental Toy Back To Life!

As we age, often our attachment and connection to treasured items from our childhood increases. Dolls and toys that once held our affection and occupied our imaginations can be a way of remembering a time when life was simple and full of promise. Those toys that were a part of our grandmother’s childhood or belonged to a beloved family member, can be a way of remembering them that brings a sense of closeness to our hearts. Doll repair, restoration and conservation is one way that these memories can be kept alive.

We are very proud to have an expert in doll restoration on our team who loves and values each piece, understanding the importance it holds in the eyes of its owner. Whether it is a doll that has endured smoke and fire damage or has been left uncared for too long and become broken and moth-eaten….we have the skill to bring each doll back to life.

We offer all levels of doll repair and restoration, including:

Doll Repair | North Carolina | Mumford Restoration
  • Body replacement
  • Cleaning or re-stuffing
  • Eye replacement or resetting
  • Restringing for arm and leg movement
  • Restoration and repainting of face and head
  • Cleaning, repair and custom replacement of antique and vintage clothing
  • Cleaning, styling and replacement of wings

There are only a few things we love dearly enough to carry with us into the future, those well-loved toys from our childhood or family history serve to remind us of who we are, where we came from and our connection to our personal history.

6 Reasons to Choose Mumford Restoration

  1. Free Estimate with a 23-point inspection
  2. Free Appraisal to determine the fair market value of your pieces ($150 value)
  3. Four Levels of Service for you to choose the correct process
  4. Pick-up & Delivery Available
  5. Guaranteed Completion Date or we’ll give you $50
  6. Free Report “10 Questions Anyone Can Use to Determine When to Restore”
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