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Breathe New Life Into Your Holiday Traditions By Restoring The Heirlooms That Help Give Them Meaning

Every family has certain holiday traditions that they hold dear. Some are universal, like gathering around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving feast; others are quite unique, like singing “Happy Birthday” to the Christmas roast before cutting into it. No matter what traditions your family embraces, your holiday celebrations just wouldn’t be the same without them. And while you rarely think about it, those memories and traditions your family has adopted over the years are encapsulated in the inherited heirlooms that you use during the holidays, like your parents’ china, great-grandparents’ silver, or your grandfather’s old sitting chair.

Mumford Restoration works miracles to restore your family memories.

These items have been a part of your family for generations, brought out only on special occasions because they’re too precious for everyday use. However, because they spend more time in storage than in use, they can start to look careworn without your even realizing it.

Mumford Restoration Can Restore Your Heirlooms In Time For The Holidays

Silver Restoration — Has your grandmother’s silver serving platter picked up a few dings and surface scratches through the years? Did a fork accidentally find its way into the garbage disposal? Did the handle fall off the gravy boat?

Following our careful silver restoration process, Mumford can address any issues you may find with your treasured silver pieces, usually for less than the cost of replacement, all the while rejuvenating ties to those sentimental holiday traditions.

Mumford Restoration works miracles to restore your family memories.
Mumford Restoration works miracles to restore your family memories.

Brass Restoration — Whether your family lights a menorah or advent candles, you may want to inspect the brass for tarnish. Brass is cast from a mixture of copper and zinc, and when it’s new it has a gorgeous deep gold sheen. However, it oxidizes easily, giving the metal a dull, tarnished look.

If left to its own devices, your brass heirlooms will ultimately lose their luster, but Mumford Restoration can polish your brass advent ring, menorah or candlesticks to restore its shine, then give it a light lacquer coating to prevent future tarnishing.

Bible Repair — Many Triangle area families sit together and read the nativity story as part of their Christmas celebration, reading from the giant family bible with generations of marriages, births, and deaths recorded on its front pages. It’s a special book that usually sits in a place of honor on a shelf, only being used on special occasions in order to prevent damage.

If the pages are coming loose from their binding or the cover is bent and the lettering near invisible, bring your family bible to Mumford. We have the skill to return it to like-new condition, regardless of its age and condition.

Mumford Restoration works miracles to restore your family memories.

Let Mumford Restoration Help You Enhance Your Holiday Traditions

Every family observes the holidays in their own way, and every family has special heirloom items that help shape the way they celebrate. With Mumford Restoration, you can make sure your family’s heirlooms are preserved so your traditions can remain intact for generations to come. Contact us now at (919) 510-6310 to get started.

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