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Guidance on Settling a Loved One’s Estate

No one tells you just how much there is to sort through when you inherit your parents’ estate. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other companies which take advantage of the grief and feelings of being overwhelmed you experience sorting through everything yourself. Mumford Restoration wants to help local estate executors work through this process as painlessly as possible, so we are offering a Free Estate Guidance Service to those that may be experiencing some heartache going through this process alone. 

Protect Yourself from Estate Sale Companies Intending to Take Advantage of Your Loss

Lots of companies offer similar services, but they always charge and they most likely don’t have your best interests at heart. Here are some things they may try to get away with:

  • Sell, Sell, Sell – It’s always about the money with other companies. They are primarily concerned with the commission that they will get, so certain companies may persuade you to sell more than you’d like to. 
  • Insensitive Service – Someone only concerned about money will not be able to empathize with how personal this process can be.
  • Rushed Process – You will be left out of the loop of what is going on, and that will cause more emotional turmoil than clearing the belongings will fix. A good company takes time to explain and walk through the process.

Why Mumford Should Be Your First Call

Here is our process, plain and simple:

  • Sorting – We start by helping you determine the sentimental pieces you wish to keep. We can then assess what else of value you have and give you an idea of what you should expect to get. We’ll even help dig through boxes and get rid of the “junk”!
  • Helping Sell – Our employees have extensive knowledge on antiques and which sentimental pieces would be wise to restore. 
  • Help You With Next Steps – We are happy to recommend the best companies to help you further so that you don’t have to deal with poor quality work.
  • It’s Free – We genuinely care about the Raleigh Area community where we call home and simply want to give back to those that are struggling to sort through the loss of a loved one. 

Optional Restoration Services

We offer the option of restoration work for your sentimental pieces, should you need it. And Bernard Mumford himself will be involved to determine what levels of restoration would be required to bring your family heirlooms back to life. We would also be happy to remove any pieces requiring our services from the estate and deliver them directly  to our premises to begin the restoration, leaving you with less to worry about on-site.

Call us at (919) 510-6310 today, if you know someone in need of estate executor guidance and restoration services or check out the rest of our website to get a feel for the quality work that we do!