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We Carefully Restore Vintage & Exotic Rugs & Textiles

Restoration of rugs and textiles is a lesson in care, wisdom and delicacy. Whether handmade and passed down for generations, or imported from exotic locations; rugs and textiles are often heavily used and receive an extensive amount of wear and tear in their lifespan. Proper care and cleaning of rugs and textiles is essential to prevent what can often be rapid deterioration. Proceeding with caution is key.

Rug Cleaning

Before any cleaning commences, it is always helpful to identify the fiber used. Then a spot test should be performed to identify how the materials will respond to cleaning. A mild solution for cleaning is vital to prevent the materials drying out and deteriorating after the cleaning is complete.

Rug Repair | North Carolina | Mumford Restoration
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Rug Repair

Repair may include restoration of damage due to aging, accident or wear. We are fortunate to have craftsmen on our team with the skill to match yarns and colors for reweaving and repair, with custom dyeing if necessary. Restoration of worn corners and sides, often caused by insects; removal of mold and mildew, pet-stains and odors; re-sizing, cutting and binding are all services we offer.

The resulting rugs and textiles are ready for floor use, display or conservation and storage. Of course, not all rugs are created equal and may warrant replacement rather than restoration. CLICK HERE for 10 Questions to Determine When to Restore.

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