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Selecting the Perfect Upholstery Fabric

Choosing the right upholstery fabric can be a difficult. The possibilities are endless, which is what makes upholstering an old piece so fun. But how do you decide? What color will highlight the piece while blending it with the room’s existing decor? What pattern plays into the style of your space? You want to be true to the period of the piece, but at the same time bring it into the modern era. Mumford Restoration has some tips that should help guide you to the perfect selection!

Durability of the Fabric & Usage

How durable your chosen fabric needs to be depends on the type of furniture piece, the room it will resides in and the inhabitants of your home. If you are a family of five with 3 small children, you are going to want something that can withstand a bit of abuse. Unless of course the piece is going in the dining room or office and the children typically steer clear of those spaces.

Need something more durable? Consider these two options:

  1. A woven pattern with high thread counts & tight weaves. This creates a stronger, more durable fabric that will withstand the antics of a busy household.
  2. Because leather can be wiped down and easily cleaned, it’s great for homes with children. It is a strong material that is difficult to puncture. However, it is highly susceptible to scratches. Pet claws, for example, can leave visible marks.

The Style of the Fabric & Space

When choosing a fabric style, select something that speaks to the era of the piece and the style of your home. If you have a very traditional piece and have a more modern flair, merge both styles. But you must tread lightly.

  • Heavily ornate pieces will not blend easily with a mid-century or modern style home, no matter what fabric you choose to adorn it with, but it can be done. The trick here is to select very simple patterns in muted tones. That way the fabric does not compete with the woodwork or the decor of the room. Florals or paisleys will only date it.
  • Bold colors or geometric patterns can breath life into a vintage frame to create the perfect blend of classic and modern. However, size of the room should also be a factor. Larger patterns typically work well in a larger space, while more intricate or delicate designs work in areas like offices, parlors or dining rooms.

The Fabric Color & Pattern

Color choice can make or break your piece so really try to select something you know you can live with for a long, long time. Trendy colors come and go and you don’t want to be stuck with a color that can’t blend with more than one specific space in your home. If you are considering moving or redecorating, keep that in mind before you choose an exotic or bold pattern. Again, lighter fabrics go great in smaller spaces, but aren’t necessarily ideal for pets or children (if you want them to stay light that is).

Upholstering furniture pieces from antique chairs to chaise lounges to your 10 year old couch, is a specialty of the furniture restorers at Mumford Restoration. If you are looking for superior expertise, historical insight, and professionalism, then Mumford Restoration is your only choice for furniture upholstery in the Triangle Area. Call us today at (919) 510-6310.

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