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Restoration of Sentimental Value

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Escape from Sentimental Neverland

Remember the true story about the local woman who appeared on Antiques Road Show to learn about her father’s jade collection? She was shocked and delighted to have the  collection appraised for OVER A MILLION DOLLARS. This type of story gets us all excited and motivated to dig through our attics, basements, and storage units searching for the next hidden treasure! But…what about the droves of people who went to Antiques Road Show and waited in line for hours, only to discover that their family heirlooms and attic finds were worth less than the change in their wallets?

How can you determine if old items are valuable, or just old?

If the mere mention of Antiques Road Show has got your mind wandering to thoughts of your grandmother’s armoire, your grandfather’s civil war memorabilia, the silver you picked up at a flea market, or any of the other many potentially valuable items in your attic, then you are probably a frequent visitor of a place we like to call Sentimental Neverland.

What is Sentimental Neverland?

It’s a place – usually an attic, garage, or other holding area for old items that definitely have sentimental value and may even have monetary value.

But perhaps even more importantly, Sentimental Neverland is also a state of mind. It’s the comfortable position of paralysis that comes from owning a pile of inherited items that you definitely can’t get rid of because of the emotional connection that we call “sentimental value” but you can’t really use them because they are worn, broken, or don’t go with your home’s decor. In Sentimental Neverland, decisions about what to do with these items are delayed indefinitely…

Enter Mumford Restoration & Sentimental Paradise

Are you stuck in Sentimental Neverland? You know who you are – a silent confession is acceptable. Somehow you manage to convince your partner (they know who they are too!) to keep moving these items from the garage, to the attic, to the next house, and so on and so forth in a never ending cycle, in hopes that these items might someday be “worth something”.

At Mumford Restoration, we can help you escape from Sentimental Neverland with restoration services that allow your heirlooms to be rescued from dark, dusty storage areas and moved into proud, prominent places in your home. Imagine the blissful state of mind you will experience when you can enjoy these treasures every day? We call that Restoration Paradise.

To help you find your way out of Sentimental Neverland and into Restoration Paradise, Mumford Restoration offers free estimates in your home, as well as free appraisals to help you learn the fair market value of your sentimental items. For more information about the restoration, refinishing and preservation services we provide visit our restoration services page  or call (919) 510-6310.

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