Long considered one of Raleigh Durham’s most reliable furniture repair shops, Mumford Restoration has the experience and knowledge to repair old furniture or damaged furniture to its original splendor. 

With more than 150 years of combined experience, Mumford Restoration tops the list of talented craftsmen for Raleigh furniture repair stores.

    Don’t trust your precious pieces with just anyone. With more than 150 years of combined experience and third-generation craftsmen, Mumford Restoration is trusted by families, museums, and art societies in Raleigh-Durham, all of North Carolina, and across the U.S., to provide best-in-class restoration and repairs of sentimental & fine-furniture, antiques, and family heirlooms.

      Mumford Restoration offers restoration expertise, professional damage assessment, and estimated retail value on items (not structures) that have been damaged from fire/water, moving, and other types of commercial/residential damage.

        We make it easy to connect with us about your restoration or repair—let us know how we can be of service to you and your family!


          Our fascination with antique furniture began Mumford Restoration's passion for the unique art of woodworking, repair, and restoration. In our modern era where low cost and convenience have introduced a cultural mindset of five-year replacement furniture as all the rage, it’s a rare gift to observe a piece made for beauty, function, and longevity. Even more importantly, these pieces often hold our unique family history. 

          Nothing can inspire a memory quite like the furniture we played on as a child, Grandma’s favorite Sunday china, the books and Bibles our grandparents read to us, among many other treasured pieces that may provoke that feeling of nostalgia.

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          Service Levels

          Check out the four levels of service we offer to meet your restoration needs.

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          Antique Restoration Process

          Learn more about our restoration process and how to get started!

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          Before & After Gallery

          Check out some of our amazing repairs and restorations here.

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          When To Restore?

          10 questions to ask now to help you decide if it's time to restore your treasured pieces.

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          Antique Restoration & Repair

          With the United States’ 240-year history, a 100-year old piece is generally considered to be antique. Many other cultures see a 500-year-old object as still being young. Many people are confused over what is classified as a real “antique,” and we see clients from both extremes:

          • Those that have no idea that their piece has a high value and is a rare gem.

          • Those that are disappointed to discover that what they thought was a valuable antique is actually a mass-produced piece from the 1970s.

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          Do you have questions about restoring or repairing your antique furniture? Tell us more about your piece(s) and we'll connect you with a Restoration Consultant that can help.

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          If you're wondering whether or not it's time to restore, check out our,
          "10 Questions that Can Help Anyone Determine When to Restore."

          The pieces we take the most joy in restoring fall somewhere in between both extremes. These pieces hold memories and history. The dining table where Grandma hosted her Sunday dinners for the family, the china cabinet that held your aunt’s favorite pieces, the tea set that came over with your great-grandmother from England. Sentimental value is the most important factor, restoring your family memories.

          Check out some of the more infamous antiques we’ve restored here.

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          One of the most critical points in restoring antiques is having the expertise to identify the level and process of restoration that will add to the value of the pieces and preserve its history, without reducing its value. This requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to accurately identify--the epitome of antique restoration.
          Questions to consider if you have an antique to be restored:

          • When was the piece made?

          • Was it finished in shellac or lacquer?

          • How was it originally assembled?

          • Is an authentic repair and conservation required to preserve it or is a full restoration warranted?

          We pride ourselves in meticulous, period-correct restoration, conservation, and repair. Our main goal is to provide every client with the education and information they need to make an informed decision and to answer common questions such as:

          • Is it worth repairing or restoring?

          • Should I throw it away and buy new?

          • Will a restoration increase or decrease the value of my piece?

          Connect with one of our Antique Restoration Consultants today to discuss your goals and vision.

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          Most Popular


          Full Restoration

          Our Restore level of service is the crème de la crème of our wood restoration services. When we are conducting this service on a piece, we are completely restoring it, in its entirety. From repairs to broken legs or loose veneer, fabrication of moldings, and regluing of joinery, to removing the finish by hand, (not dip stripping) to hand sanding, hand staining and finishing. This comprehensive service restores a piece to the best condition possible.  This produces a showroom quality result to even the most deteriorated pieces and will last for decades upon decades with proper care.

          • Disassemble

          • Remove finish

          • Evaluate piece for repairs

          • Reglue joints

          • Repair veneer or re-veneer surface if needed

          • Fill dents that are too deep to sand out

          • Ensure doors and drawers work as best possible

          • Hand sanding

          • Staining to any color

          • Finishing with best quality lacquer

          • Hardware polished/partial polished


          Our Refinish level is designed for pieces that have not deteriorated structurally or on sub-surface levels. For example, newer furniture that has been damaged or worn, or older furniture that needs refinished but does NOT need repairs, regluing of joints, repair of veneer, etc.  We hand strip, hand sand, stain and finish the piece, producing beautiful results and a finish that will last many years.

          • Disassemble

          • Remove finish by hand

          • Hand sanding

          • Hand staining to standard colors or original

          • Finishing

          • Hardware cleaned



          Our Preserve level of service is ideal for wood furniture with a finish that is still in decent condition and there are no deep scratches or dings that are through the finish into the wood that would require a full restoration. For example, if we did a Preserve level of service on an end table, it would include the following:

          • Disassembly

          • Solvent Wash

          • Wet-sanding if needed

          • Touchup dents and scratches

          • Recoat part or all of piece

          • Refinish part of piece if specifically designated in notes



          Our Repair level of service is perfect for furniture that only needs minor repairs such as:

          • Localized repair / touchup

          • Doweling and other reinforcement

          • Re-glue of joints if designated in notes


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          Antique Repair & Restoration Photo Gallery

          antique restoration: hooiser cabinet before

          antique restoration: hoosier cabinet after

          antique restoration: china cabinet before

          antique restoration: china cabinet after

          antique restoration: lincoln headboard before

          antique restoration: lincoln headboard after

          antique restoration: dresser before

          antique restoration: dresser after

          antique restoration: side table before

          antique restoration: side table after

          antique restoration: french polish roll top desk before

          featured image french polish roll top desk after 413x413

          antique restoration: french sewing box before

          antique restoration: french sewing box after

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