Long considered one of Raleigh Durham’s most reliable furniture repair shops, Mumford Restoration has the experience and knowledge to repair old furniture or damaged furniture to its original splendor. 

With more than 150 years of combined experience, Mumford Restoration tops the list of talented craftsmen for Raleigh furniture repair stores.

    Don’t trust your precious pieces with just anyone. With more than 150 years of combined experience and third-generation craftsmen, Mumford Restoration is trusted by families, museums, and art societies in Raleigh-Durham, all of North Carolina, and across the U.S., to provide best-in-class restoration and repairs of sentimental & fine-furniture, antiques, and family heirlooms.

      Mumford Restoration offers restoration expertise, professional damage assessment, and estimated retail value on items (not structures) that have been damaged from fire/water, moving, and other types of commercial/residential damage.

        We make it easy to connect with us about your restoration or repair—let us know how we can be of service to you and your family!



          Are You Meeting Your Margins?

          Does this sound familiar? 

          • You arrive at a job site and find antiques, art, and a piano all damaged beyond cleaning—unsure of what’s salvageable and what isn’t.
            What do you do?

          • The perfectionistic customer who swears everything was perfect before the event—and you’re left holding the bag.
            How do you handle it?

          • One detail left on the punch list and the customer won’t release the last $50k—and it drags on for eternity. Who do you call?

            The experts at Mumford Restoration can help you navigate these challenges--reducing bottlenecks with your claims while making your customers happy!

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          When It’s Beyond Cleaning—Protect Your Margins

          Sometimes cleaning and ozone aren’t enough to bring your client’s treasured pieces back to life, causing frustration for you both—delaying the claim process, and worse—threatening your margins.

          When those pieces are beyond cleaning, Mumford Restoration will evaluate each piece to determine age, material, value, and the period-correct restoration measures that will bring it back to its original beauty.

               We will:

          • Provide estimated replacement value (ERV) and restoration costs, in many cases within 24 hours.

          • Visit your jobsite, storage facility, or review photos of the pieces in question to help you determine whether they can be restored or should be thrown away.

          • Work directly with the adjuster to protect your margins.

          • Remove the sentimental items from the property and store them safely, removing your liability.

          • Take responsibility for your customers' questions and concerns regarding their sentimental pieces.



          How We Can Help You and Your Customers

          • We found the chandelier, pictured right, in a dumpster on a job site. 

          • It was marked “unsalvageable” and no one knew it could be restored—except Mumford Restoration.

          • It was valued at $30k and was $3500 to restore.

          • WIN-WIN-WIN: We saved the adjuster $26,500, the customer was overjoyed, and the restoration company was a hero!

          Don't miss something important like this company almost did--how do you know? You don't unless you're working with experts who know how to identify these things.

          If you have clients with sentimental furniture and heirlooms, art, upholstered pieces, chandeliers, pianos, etc. that have been damaged beyond cleaning, we can restore them. Connect with us today to schedule an evaluation of their pieces.

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          What if you could, with ZERO effort from you or your team:

          • Reduce your customer liabilities?

          • Increase your customer satisfaction, referrals, and reviews?

          • Improve your team’s efficiency by saving time, space, and resources?

          We conducted a case study on a fire and water restoration company that we eventually made an exclusive partnership with. He and his company continue to protect their margins and have extremely satisfied clients because experience and expertise matter.
          Request the case study here.

          If you're ready for a meaningful, quantifiable partnership with a furniture restoration company that works miracles to restore fire and water damaged sentimental furniture, heirlooms, and high value items, connect with us today to discuss the possibilities.

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          Fire & Water Restoration Photo Gallery

          mantle clock from fire before

          mantle clock from fire after

          washboard from fire before

          washboard from fire after

          bassinet from fire before

          bassinet from fire after

          family portrait from fire before

          family portrait from fire after

          tall cabinet from fire before

          tall cabinet from fire after

          side table from fire before

          side table from fire after

          sleds from fire before

          sleds from fire after

          silver chest from fire before

          silver chest from fire after

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          If you'd like to learn more about partnering with a furniture and heirloom restoration company that can help you help your clients, connect with us today.

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