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Antique Restoration

///Antique Restoration

Make Your Old, Inherited Furniture And Antiques New Again!

Everyone has one. An old antique that has withstood the test of time. That dated piece of furniture just collecting dust in the corner, looking dull and sticking out like a sore thumb in your home or taking up space in the garage. It’s probably something inherited from a loved one that you just can’t part with but also can’t keep looking at in its current condition.

Antique restoration

At Mumford Restoration, we can make any piece of furniture or antique look new again, including but not limited to, outdated furniture in need of a completely different style to fit your home! So instead of sending that sentimental piece to the dump, consider turning into into something “brand new” that matches your style!

When you restore antiques, your also preserving the memories from those antiques. Whether it’s a table you used to have family meals at, or a chair your grandmother would sit in to read, some pieces hold valuable, cherished memories. We will work diligently and carefully to make your piece look brand new and entirely functional, while maintaining its integrity.

To Give You Some Ideas, We Put Together a Few Suggestions For Revamping An Outdated, Inherited Piece:

New Fabrics For a New Look

Your beloved furniture piece may just need a bit of new fabric to replace its old and worn out original fabric. Mumford can reupholster your piece with a fabric of any texture, color, or pattern you choose. We can match the existing fabric to make it look like the same piece of furniture in its original state, or give it a completely new style to make it look like a different piece of furniture for your specific decor.

Antique restoration

Re-purpose Pieces For New Uses

Even if you don’t use your antique for its original purpose, that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a new purpose in your home. We can restore and then alter your furniture to have a new use. For example, you can:

  • Turn an old sewing table into a new table or desk
  • Use a antique phone table for a new piece in your foyer
  • Use a headboard from a bed as a hanging rack for coats or towels
  • Repaint an old, drab dresser or coffee table to make it the new centerpiece of your room

New Finishes Preserve and Shine

Most materials used in antique furniture – indoor and outdoor – is higher quality than the materials used in today’s furniture. Our different choices of finishes lets you choose how you want the wood or metal on your furniture to shine.  Refinishing will also help to preserve your furniture’s wood. A finish will prolong the life of your wood, protecting it from cracking due to moisture exposure.

Call Mumford today at (919) 510-6310 to schedule the restoration of your favorite antique furniture or any other valued antique.

Antique restoration
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