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Piano Restoration & Repair

///Piano Restoration & Repair

Piano Restoration Process

Careful, Loving Restoration For The Piano Your Family Loves

Remember when you were a kid visiting your grandparents, and on saturday nights your grandma would play her piano? There were a few cherished songs she always played.

You never thought about it at the time, but those weekly concerts were one of the best things about visiting your grandparents, and as an adult you treasure those memories. That’s why you were so happy when your grandma’s piano was passed down to you. You couldn’t wait to put your own piano training to work playing those old songs she loved to play.

But when you try to play the piano, it doesn’t sound right. You grandmother loved her piano and played it frequently. Like any other well-loved and often-used item, it can break down over time, changing its tone and the quality of its music. Rather than write it off as a lost cause, rely on Mumford Restoration to preserve this piece of your family history with professional piano restoration.

What Goes Into Piano Restoration?

Piano repair and restoration is a long, meticulous process that has to be done carefully in order to ensure both the sound and the woodwork are restored to their former glory. Pianos have a great deal of intricate parts that work together to create the music you love. Each piano, from a Story & Clark console piano to a Bechstein baby grand, is made differently, with loving care and attention. So each restoration we do here at Mumford is completed with the same loving care and attention.

Soundboard Repair & Restoration

The soundboard is the single most important element of your piano. That’s why we use specialized equipment and painstaking care to restore it piece by piece:

  • Ribs
  • Soundboard Bridges
  • Backing Cloth
  • Tuning Pins
  • Pinblock

External Repair & Restoration

After we have removed the soundboard and other interior parts for their individual repairs and restoration, we begin restoring the exterior of your piano:

  • Remove Existing Finish
  • Clean & Sand
  • Repair Dents & Cracks
  • Stain To Match Original Color
  • Apply Clear Lacquer Finish

Restoring your piano is an exacting process that takes several days. However, when we return your piano, it will look and sound every bit as good as it did when you were a child sitting with your grandpa and listening to your grandma play.

Let Mumford Restore Your Memories

Your treasured memories of Saturday nights at your grandparents’ house will last forever. Make sure the piano that helped create those memories lasts just as long. Contact Mumford Restoration to learn more about our piano restoration and repair services.

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