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Furniture Restoration with Your Refund

Restore Your Battered & Broken Family Heirlooms With Your Tax Refund! It’s that time of the year again when you might have gotten a little extra cash back after filing your taxes, that you want to use for something special! If you are thinking about spending it on new furniture or home decor [...]

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How to Choose a Restoration Company

Ensure That Your Restorer Can Be Trusted With Your Heirlooms The primary concern on everyone’s mind when it comes to restoring a piece that is irreplaceable.... “How do I find someone I can trust?” There are a lot of refinishers out there. The difference between refinishing and restoring can seem vague, but the truth is finding [...]

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The Mumford Restoration Process

Our Restoration Process What’s it worth?  While monetary value is usually a factor when it comes to restoration,  Mumford looks to answer a much more important question - what’s it worth to you? - in order to determine the proper restoration process for your heirloom piece. While other restoration companies may give you an [...]

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Restoration of Sentimental Value

Escape from Sentimental Neverland Remember the true story about the local woman who appeared on Antiques Road Show to learn about her father’s jade collection? She was shocked and delighted to have the  collection appraised for OVER A MILLION DOLLARS. This type of story gets us all excited and motivated to dig through [...]

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Love It

How Mumford Saved My Family's Chair My irreplaceable, sentimental, stylish chair my father bought in 1930 was falling apart, broken, dirty, and in my garage. Truly I thought all my family memories in this chair we're going to be lost as I suspected it was beyond repair. We called Mumford restoration. They worked a [...]

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