Long considered one of Raleigh Durham’s most reliable furniture repair shops, Mumford Restoration has the experience and knowledge to repair old furniture or damaged furniture to its original splendor. 

With more than 150 years of combined experience, Mumford Restoration tops the list of talented craftsmen for Raleigh furniture repair stores.

    Don’t trust your precious pieces with just anyone. With more than 150 years of combined experience and third-generation craftsmen, Mumford Restoration is trusted by families, museums, and art societies in Raleigh-Durham, all of North Carolina, and across the U.S., to provide best-in-class restoration and repairs of sentimental & fine-furniture, antiques, and family heirlooms.

      Mumford Restoration offers restoration expertise, professional damage assessment, and estimated retail value on items (not structures) that have been damaged from fire/water, moving, and other types of commercial/residential damage.

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          Historical Restoration & Preservation


          Restoration and preservation of historical pieces is not just about repairing broken legs or mending split wood; it's a passionate pursuit of maintaining the integrity of craftsmanship from centuries past. Our artisans delve into the annals of furniture-making history, sourcing period-appropriate materials and employing age-old techniques to ensure authenticity. In the hands of these dedicated experts, each piece becomes a testament to the enduring legacy of the skilled artisans who first shaped them.

          At Mumford Restoration we have been privileged to restore and preserve pieces from as early as the 17th Century from North Carolina and around the globe. 

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          Heritage Square:
          Fayetteville, NC

          Heritage Square in Fayetteville, N.C., is now under the ownership and maintenance of the Woman's Club of Fayetteville. It proudly showcases three remarkable historic structures that have been recognized and listed in the National Register of Historic Places. These include the Sandford House, built in 1800, the Oval Ballroom, a freestanding single room constructed in 1818, and the Baker Haigh Nimocks House, which dates back to 1804.

          Our team of artisans restored the terribly damaged shutters on the Oval Ballroom, as well as a gilded mantle mirror and the Angel of Victory painting by Elliott Daingerfield, both of which are featured in the Sandford House.

          Interview with Lynda Deaton, former President of Heritage Square Historical Society in Fayetteville, NC

          Watch as Lynda Deaton, former President of the Heritage Square Historical Society, shares details of various historical projects we have helped with in the past.  Listen as she opens up about not only the work that was done, but also why she was confident in choosing Mumford Restoration for such important pieces.  


          Heritage Square Shutters - Before

          Heritage Square Shutters - Update

          Heritage Square Shutters - After

          1805 Gilded Mirror

          Angel of Victory by Elliott Daingerfield

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          Hayti Heritage Center: Durham, N.C.

          The St. Joseph's AME Church building, now called the Hayti Heritage Center, stands as a significant landmark in Durham. Erected in 1891 with the unwavering determination of an African American congregation and the support of local white philanthropists, this historic structure epitomizes the strength and resilience of a community once hailed as the most prosperous African American community in the United States.

          It was a tremendous privilege for us to be selected to meticulously repair and restore 51 of the exquisite pews, restoring them to their former glory with utmost care and precision.

          Interview with Angela Lee, Executive & Artistic Director of Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, NC

          Watch as Angela Lee, Executive & Artistic Director of the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, NC, opens up about a recent project we helped with that involved the repair and stabilization of 51 historical pews.  You will hear about the work that was done, but also what it was that made her know Mumford Restoration was the best fit for her projects needs.   


          Historic Pews

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          Warren County Arts Council: Warrenton, N.C.

          Warren County Arts Council was founded in 1999 to promote and increase awareness of the arts in Warrenton, N.C.

          We were privileged to be chosen to restore and preserve three historic pieces of artwork gifted to the John Graham School in the early 20th century by Kate Pendleton Arrington--known as North Carolina's Lady of the Arts.

          We restored:
          Landscape painting by German painter Paul Weber
          Waiting, by Theodore Gerard
          Enchantment, by Jean MacLane

          Paul Weber Landscape

          Waiting by Theodore Gerard - Before

          Waiting by Theodore Gerard - After

          Enchantment by Jean MacLane

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          Thomas Day Furniture: circa 1850

          In the span of our 41 years in business, we have had the honor of restoring a remarkable collection of 22 exquisite Thomas Day furniture pieces. Thomas Day, a remarkable free black man, earned his place in the annals of North Carolina history as one of the most renowned master craftsmen. His exceptional talent and entrepreneurial spirit flourished in Milton, NC, where he meticulously crafted fine furniture using supplies from the North transported on the majestic Dan River. The NC Museum of History proudly showcases many of his extraordinary creations, and it fills us with immense joy and satisfaction to restore his cherished works from Blanch, Clarksville, and Milton to their former glory.



          Dressers & Armoire


          Day Bed

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          John F. Minges II House: Greenville, NC

          The current owner of this historic home built in 1961, originally owned by the President of Pepsi Bottling company, chose us to restore the central brass staircase in this home.

          Central Staircase Brass Railing

          Brass Restoration: A Client Testimonial

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          Korner's Folly: Kernersville, N.C.

          Korner's Folly is a home built in 1878 by Jule Gilmer Korner, a furniture designer, decorator, and painter. He built the home to showcase his work for potential clients. The home and its contents have been painstakingly preserved to reflect the period of their origin.
          Mumford Restoration was chosen to restore an oak breakfast table circa 1870’s, that was built for the Korner’s family. We replaced missing relief work and added a protective coat to add resistance to UV rays from nearby windows.

          Burgwin-Wright House & Gardens: Wilmington, NC

          Interview with Christine Lamberton, Executive Director of the Burgwin-Wright House & Gardens coming soon!

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