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Chaise Lounge Reupholstery

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Chaise Lounge

Sadly, we did not take a before photo of this chaise, but if you can imagine a 60′s style floral embroidered fabric in orange, yellow and bright green, you have a fairly accurate idea of what it looked like.

This piece was fully reupholstered, and upon removal of the fabric it was discovered that the back portion was on the brink of snapping off. This led to reinforcement of the back support resulting in a very solid frame, and saving our customer a lot of hassle and money by preventing the break at a later time after the piece was reupholstered.

This piece is a perfect demonstration of merging antique and contemporary. The piece is structured, dark and bold in classic style, while the fabric selection is very light and playful. With this you have the best of both worlds, the quality and longevity of an antique piece, and the diversity and adaptability of a modern look that will fit into any living room or bedroom.

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