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Expert Chair Restoration Services

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Mumford Brings New Life To Your Favorite Chairs

You may have a beloved chair that has simply seen better days. It may just be sitting away in storage, unused, damaged and unpleasant to look at, but that doesn’t mean its life is over! You can easily give your favorite chairs new purpose and beauty, while perhaps even saving money by avoiding buying new, expensive chairs.

Mumford Restoration offers a wide variety of chair restoration services from expert craftsmen.

Contact Mumford Restoration today for expert chair restoration services.

Chair Caning & Rushing

If your beautifully woven reed seats and chair backs are damaged or crumbling due to old age, we can restore and repair your caning and rushing to your desired aesthetic. Our craftsmen can provide:

  • Pressed Caning
  • Hand Caning
  • Split Oak Seating
  • Rushing
  • Reed Seating

Chair Upholstery & Reupholstery

Repair any damage to your chairs from fire, pets, accidents and water with complete reupholstery or repair. We can match the original fabric as well as apply any fabric you choose!  

Wooden Chairs

Wooden furniture surrounds us thanks to the natural beauty of it’s grain, but painted wood furniture that pairs well with wood grain is also a quite charming and stylish look! Mumford employs a number of skilled craftsmen that specialize in the art of wood furniture restoration as well as wood furniture painting and refinishing. Both styles can be achieved beautifully by our expert woodworkers. We offer structural repair and stabilization, wood surface repair, refinishing and polishing, among other services.

Outdoor Patio & Wicker Chairs

It will usually cost you less money to refinish your current patio furniture as opposed to purchasing new. Our expert powder coating services will provide a durable paint that lasts, even in outdoor weather and sunlight conditions. We provide comprehensive restoration services to any types of outdoor chairs including:

  • Rod Iron
  • Wicker
  • Teak Wood
  • Cane Rocking Chairs
  • Vintage Metal Gliders
  • And More!

Trust Mumford To Give Your Sentimental Chairs Brand New Life!

Call Mumford Restoration today at (919) 296-3892 for true craftsmanship for all of your chair restoration needs. Let your favorite pieces become the beautiful centerpieces they were made to be and provide your family with function for years to come.

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