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Upholstery & Reupholstery Services


For Fire & Water Damage, Pet Damage & Interior Decoration in NC

Mumford Restoration is one of North Carolina’s most trusted upholsterers.  If you need upholstery services for your sofa, chairs or other furniture, Mumford Restoration is your answer.  We have endless selections of fabrics and can often match original fabric.  We not only offer complete upholstery services, we also repair damaged upholstered furniture.  If you have upholstered furniture that has been damaged by fire, water, pets, moving or any other reason, Mumford can repair it.

We know that when you have a piece of furniture you care about , finding a good upholsterer is a major concern. Furniture fabric upholstery and repair has many benefits. Not only will it lengthen the furniture’s life but, if you desire, it also gives you the chance to completely redo the piece. For instance if there is a little hole you want to fix and you don’t exactly love the original color then it is a great time to upgrade the furniture’s cushion while at the same time picking another fabric you like better. Repairing the upholstery results in a much better piece of furniture that is able to be sold at a greater value if you choose to do so. Just remember to get any of your old antique pieces appraised before you actually have it cut into. Mumford Restoration provides this service as well.

How to Care for Upholstered Furniture

If you’re not ready for a complete Furniture Fabric Repair and just want to avoid your upholstering from tearing here’s a little blurb to help you along with way.

Use a small whisk broom to remove dust that collects on the upholstered furniture’s arms and back. This will help keep the fabric looking new. Just don’t use a vacuum cleaner, even if it has special upholstery attachments. A vacuum of any kind pulls the fabric’s threads.

If you find kid’s modeling clay compound smudged into your furniture’s fabric remove as much as possible and then let the rest dry. Once it is completely dry use a stiff brush to loosen the remaining residue. Use your whisk broom to dust it away. If necessary, use a mild soap and a little warm water to clean any remaining spots.

When your upholstered couch or chair needs more than soap or a whisk broom can handle, send it out to a reputable cleaners who specialize in upholstery. These professionals will use the right chemical cleaners and will make sure not to avoid excessive rubbing or any techniques that would create a hole in the fabric.

Service Levels

Platinum Level

Full Restoration;
Removal of all fabric, foam and stuffing, make frame repairs, regluing and restore exposed wood. Replace webbing, retie springs, replace foam and reupholster in new fabric.

Gold Level

Reuphostery With Restuffing;
Removal of old fabric and foam, make frame repairs, refurbish or touchup exposed wood. Replace foam or stuffing and reupholster in new fabric.

Silver Level

Removal of old fabric, make minor repairs, refurbish or touchup exposed wood and reupholster in new fabric.

Bronze Level

Cleaning or Minor Repair;
Hand stitching, spot cleaning or deep cleaning of fabric and exposed wood.

6 Reasons to Choose Mumford Restoration

  1. Free Estimate with a 23-point inspection
  2. Free Appraisal to determine the fair market value of your pieces ($150 value)
  3. Four Levels of Service for you to choose the correct process
  4. Pick-up & Delivery Available
  5. Guaranteed Completion Date or we’ll give you $50
  6. Free Report “10 Questions Anyone Can Use to Determine When to Restore”
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