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The Value in Mid-Century Furniture

3 Reasons Not to Throw Away Mom’s Mid-Century Furniture

Although it may be tricky to resell this era of furniture, there is no reason to throw it in the dumpster just because it carries that mid-century stigma. There  are several reasons why you should consider keeping or restoring your inherited mid-century modern furniture, but the three below alone should at least give you reason to pause.

We all know the design of mid-century modern furniture. The great clean lines and cool shapes are something all furniture enthusiasts can appreciate. The quality of the furniture made in the mid-century is outstanding and of course no one can argue against the value of nostalgia.

We advise you to consider incorporating unique mid-century pieces stashed in your garage, into the decor of your home because:

  • It’s Really Cool: No other time in history has furniture design been so fresh. The lines and shapes of the furniture between 1945 and 1975 was incredibly unique becauise for the first time in history, furniture was made without the frills, completely devoid of extra embellishments. Ornate legs and carvings of the past were replaced with clean lines and square posts. Mid-century was all about experimenting with balance and tension: big table tops on small square legs, square couches with round legs, you get the idea. Simply sitting on a vintage mid-century couch makes your cool factor go through the roof!
  • It’s Well Made: The quality of furniture made during this time period is typically much better quality than most furniture made today.  Much of the furniture has well-made joints and high quality wood or veneer. It was made to last and made to be used and enjoyed. The couches were sometimes over a 100 inches long to easily accommodate all your guests! It also makes for one amazing family room centerpiece!
  • Happy Memories: Any 40 or older can remember some of the mid-century modern furniture in their parent’s or grandparent’s homes. They may even still be in possession of some of it! Furniture brings back many fond recollection of family and friends and that is why nostalgia should be a factor when determining whether to sell, trash, or refinish a piece. If it isn’t a consideration, you may end up regretting your decision later. Because as most would agree, it would be nice to have memories of your predecessors preserved in at least one iconic furniture piece for your home.

Let Us Bring Your Mid-Century Memories into the Modern Era!

With restoration services from Mumford Restoration, you can trust that the restoration, refinishing or repair of your pieces maintains the historical integrity of the age of the piece and is handled with the utmost care and accuracy, per your requests. Call us today at (919) 510-6310.

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