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We Restore Your Antique Heirloom Furniture to Like-New

antique_furniture_repairAntique furniture restoration is defined as the practice of restoring an antique or a piece of art to a like-new condition. At Mumford that’s exactly what we do…we bring your treasured pieces back to their original grandeur.

We specialize in antique furniture restoration and antique furniture refinishing as well as the best antique furniture repair in the area. We offer a complete repertoire of restoration services for the following categories; furniture, reupholstery, art, brass/silver and books.

We have successfully restored antiques ranging from the 1700s to contemporary post-modern furniture.

Antique Furniture Restoration or Antique Furniture Repair?

When you think of restoration it doesn’t always mean making an old piece of furniture look new. Some of the time the term restoration just means making the piece look like it did before it was damaged. A lot of mothers want to remember every little mark on their child’s high chair except for the broken leg that happened when they were moving. In this case we’ll repair the break while maintaining or preserving the original look of the chair. We go to great lengths to understand your needs and to provide the highest quality of restoration and repair services.

Mumford Restoration can do virtually any type of repair or restoration service including complete restoration, replacement of parts, lathe work, veneering, chair caning, carving, flood or fire damage restoration, curved glass replacement, beveled mirror repair, leather replacement or major structural repair. We also can provide you damaged furniture repair insurance estimates as well as appraisals for your antiques.

Deciding To Have Antique Furniture Restoration Done

To help make you make your decision just ask yourself the following:

  1. Does the piece have Sentimental Value?
  2. Does the piece bring up Family Memories?
  3. Is it Inherited?
  4. Is it made with that Old Time Quality?
  5. Is the item Unique or Irreplaceable?
  6. Is it the Style You Like?
  7. Does it bring you Personal Pleasure to visualize this piece restored?
  8. Will you be able to use or Display the Piece when it’s Restored?
  9. Do you feel you’ll be preserving a Part of History?
  10. Will you be passing this down to your Children or Family

Service Levels


Research Value, test original finish to determine the method of rejuvenation i.e. French Polish, oil and wax, shellac etc. Repairs and parts made using matching woods. Hardware hand made, restored or polished.

Platinum Service

Full Restoration;
Research Value.
Removal of the old finish by hand, repair, regluing or fabrication of missing parts. Hand sanding, staining, making the color uniform. Application of appropriate finish, hardware polished and lacquered.

Gold Service

Restore top, Refurbish base;
Research Value.
Removal of the finish from one area, (top, side or base.) Solvent wash and prep the rest of the piece, repair, regluing. Hand sanding, staining, matching the color to the original. Application of appropriate finish to match original on entire piece, hardware polished and lacquered.

Silver Service

Research Value.
Solvent wash and prep entire piece, make repairs, touchup dents and dings, make expert color corrections. Application of appropriate finish to match original, clean hardware.

Bronze Service

Touchup or Minor Repair;
Research Value.
Minor repair, cleaning, touchup specific dents and dings, color corrections, oil and wax.

6 Ways Mumford Restoration Can Help:

  1. Free Estimate with 23 point inspection
  2. Free Fair Market Value appraisal
  3. Four levels of service to help you choose level of restoration
  4. Pick-up and Delivery Available
  5. Free Report “10 Questions Anyone Can Use to Determine When to Restore”
  6. Your Family History means something to us
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