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Gun & Rifle Restoration

Guns are part of our heritage. They loom large in our history and even larger in our memories. Whether it’s a musket from the civil war, a WWI era 1911 or your granddaddy’s favorite shotgun he used to put food on his family’s table, the memories are priceless. At Mumford, gun restoration is another one of our many expertise. Like our other restoration processes there are things we like to know. In addition there are also things you’ll want to ask yourself before deciding on whether or not to entrust your firearm to a gun restoration shop.

Below are some of the questions we ask or that you’ll want to ask yourself.

  1. Is this gun used by the owner? In other words is the gun used for hunting and/or target shooting?
  2. Does this gun have any heritage associated with it? Was the firearm passed down in the family? Is it truly a collectible or just an old family piece?
  3. Is the gun newer (manufactured after WWII)? Is it a collectible that is of high end quality or is it just an old, more utilitarian gun?
  4. Is it part of a collection? If so what types of firearms are included? Revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, bolt action rifles, semi-auto rifles, semi-auto shotguns, slide action shotguns or hinged action shotguns? If you’re curious as to why this question is included it is because there are specialists among gunsmiths as well as generalists. Each gun restoration is different and may require a specific type of gunsmith to handle the job.
  5. If the gun was damaged in a fire we’ll need to know how badly it was affected? Was it barely damaged, did it have significant damage (wood and or metal damage) or was it severely damaged.

When considering a gun restoration you may also want to note that firearms with high end original values of $5,000 to $50,000 are great candidates to be restored. On the other hand, if they are utilitarian in the $500 to $3,000 range, there may not be good reason other than the sentimental value which, as we all know, can be priceless. Regardless of your reasons for wanting us to perform your gun restoration you can be assured we’ll provide you with the highest caliber of service in the area.

6 Reasons to Choose Mumford Restoration

  1. Free Estimate with a 23-point inspection
  2. Free Appraisal to determine the fair market value of your pieces ($150 value)
  3. Four Levels of Service for you to choose the correct process
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  5. Guaranteed Completion Date or we’ll give you $50
  6. Free Report “10 Questions Anyone Can Use to Determine When to Restore”
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