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Recapture Old Memories with Our Antique Trunk Restoration

trunk_restorationTrunk Restoration is not something that comes to mind very often but if you just happened to come across your great granddad’s old steamer trunk in the attic it may just be the most important thing you do in recapturing treasured memories. Or maybe you just bought an old, wooden chest at a local flea market or garage sale. At one time there was a beautiful piece of furniture under all that paint and rust. Maybe you recall seeing one that was beautiful and you wanted to get your trunk back to its original condition again but you just don’t know where to go.

At Mumford Restoration we can help because Trunks are one of our specialties. Since 1982 we have been restoring and repairing furniture. Every trunk is someone’s memories – it is not just another piece of furniture so we make sure to take extra care and provide the highest level of craftsmanship to restore its original beauty.

What is it about antique trunks that is so captivating?

For us here at Mumford there are many answers. There is of course the charm of the trunk itself. But there’s also the mystery of it and what kind of past it has had. There are also just so many varieties of antique trunks. If only these pieces of the past could talk, what might they say? One of the things we enjoy so much about trunk restoration is that each trunk is different and thus presents a new and exciting challenge. This one might have occupied a corner of an ancient castle in Northern Europe or come over on the Mayflower or maybe it traversed the plains of the great Northwest during the gold rush of the late 1800s. Or who knows maybe it was buried, filled with some pirate’s treasure. The possibilities are endless which ultimately leaves us completely enthralled with the “what ifs” of each trunk’s past. Trunks quite simply are the ultimate antique with their rich and varied histories.

If you are lucky enough to be in possession of one of these wonderful pieces and need trunk restoration work done on by all means please call us. We will bring its memories back to life.

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