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We Restore or Repair Books and Bibles in Any Condition

***Update To Our Book Restoration and Preservation Services***

Due to overwhelming demand for book restoration from clients all over the United States, we are at full capacity with projects and will not be accepting new book restoration projects in 2022. Please check back with us in 2023 to inquire about your book restoration. Thank you for your understanding.

Mumford Restoration provides full book restoration and Bible restoration services as well as book repair. If you have books or a family Bible you love that have torn or creased pages, damaged covers, are ripped to pieces or simply crumbling due to age and neglect we can help. Even if the pages are dog eared, been scribbled on with crayon and ink or have water stains we still can help. Whatever the condition your book may be in we have the skill to repair damaged leaves, re-sew loose pages and restore deteriorated bindings.

Depending on the condition of your book and your objectives we will perform a restoration, repair or combination of the two. Below is how we define the difference between book restoration and book repair.

Book & Bible Restoration

Book restoration is the arduous process of taking a book in disrepair and returning it to as close to its original condition as possible. Performing a book restoration ranges from the removal of a regular stain or repair of a torn leaf to a complete rehab of its binding material and cover. This process can include de-alkaline buffering, acidification, re-sizing, re-sewing, rebuilding missing parts, replacing endpapers and/or boards, recovering or restoration of the original covering and refinishing in a way that is reflective of the time the book was originally bound for publication.

In short, this process entails most of what constitutes book work which is made up of repairing, mending, rebinding and reconstruction.

Book Repair

The book repair process is not to be confused with book restoration or conservation. Book repair basically is an improvement that is made to it that deals more with adding back the functionality of the book. It typically is a visible change that is not subtle and if done correctly can look very nice. However, this technique will not necessarily be able to return the look of the book to its original binding.

At Mumford we understand and appreciate how important books can be to someone. We love them as much as anyone but what we love more are the smiles that are generated when we hand someone a formerly worn out, beat up book that treasured with a beautifully restored version. We hope you will keep us in mind for all your book restoration and book repair needs.

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