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How to Choose a Restoration Company

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Ensure That Your Restorer Can Be Trusted With Your Heirlooms

The primary concern on everyone’s mind when it comes to restoring a piece that is irreplaceable…. “How do I find someone I can trust?”

There are a lot of refinishers out there. The difference between refinishing and restoring can seem vague, but the truth is finding someone with a history of restoration is vitally important and can make the difference in your piece being properly restored to it’s original condition, or removed of all it’s authentic value.

Here are a few “insider tips” for choosing a restoration company and what to look for when you are interviewing restorers:

1. Do they provide accurate information on the details, history, and finish of your piece, and invite your questions?

Mass refinishers will often have no idea when a piece was made. They may have an understanding of woodworking and refinishing, but lack the knowledge to identify a real antique or provide alternative methods of restoration.

2. Do they provide multiple options for restoring or repairing your piece?

There are always choices when it comes to restoration. Often a proper repair is sufficient to return a piece to its original beauty and function. Based on your desired result, the restorer should be able to provide at least two choices.

3. If it is a furniture piece, ask if they refinish with a dip-stripping or hand-stripping method.

Dip-stripping is the easiest way to remove old finish. But it also breaks down the joints of the piece, and can cause damage to wood and veneer by being submerged in highly toxic chemical stripper over a long period.

4. Request References

If a restoration company cannot provide you with a list of previous customers that you can contact and ask about their experience, that is a red flag that this company is either new to the field or does not have a positive reputation.

5. Do they offer a pick-up and delivery service?

Moving furniture is a time consuming and difficult process that requires an appropriate size vehicle and the knowledge of how to pack the piece to prevent damage. A reliable restoration company will have planned for this.

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