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“We preserve family history through the restoration of Sentimental items that may otherwise be lost forever”

Furniture Refinishing and Repair Is Our Specialty

For 38 years, Mumford Restoration has been restoring family memories and bringing treasured heirlooms back to life. From antique furniture, piano, and clock refinishing and repair to art, silver, and brass restoration–and everything in between, Mumford Restoration has built a reputation as the standard bearer for premier craftsmanship and period correct restoration–producing showroom quality results for every client. Our results reflect the unmatched talent of our expert craftsmen. The Mumford Restoration brand is synonymous with a superior quality and mastery you simply will not find in any other restoration company.

Mumford Restoration is North Carolina’s premiere antique, furniture, and family heirloom restoration company. With 150 years of combined experience, Mumford Restoration has established itself as the master of antique heirloom restoration and repair in North Carolina–and beyond.
Our clientele spans coast to coast—and even across the pond. Our restoration and repair expertise includes:

Our Expert Restoration Specialists provide on-site assessment of your treasured heirlooms–free of charge, to help you navigate the most common questions and concerns, such as:

Should I restore, conserve, and/or repair?

Is my antique furniture worth restoring?

How do I preserve the originality of my piece without compromising its value?

I broke my chair leg—can it be fixed?

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We look forward to helping you bring your family memories to life!