Long considered one of Raleigh Durham’s most reliable furniture repair shops, Mumford Restoration has the experience and knowledge to repair old furniture or damaged furniture to its original splendor. 

With more than 100 years of combined experience, Mumford Restoration tops the list of talented craftsmen for Raleigh furniture repair stores.

    How do you know which approach is best for your piece(s)? There are differences in each approach—the age and condition of the piece, your goals, and your budget will determine which one is best for your piece(s). The Restoration Consultants at Mumford Restoration can talk with you about your piece, provide a physical evaluation, if it makes sense, and guide you through the best option to meet your goals and vision.

      Don’t trust your precious pieces with just anyone. With more than 100 years of combined experience and third-generation craftsmen, Mumford Restoration is trusted by families, museums, and art societies in Raleigh-Durham, all of North Carolina, and across the U.S., to provide best-in-class restoration and repairs of sentimental & fine-furniture, antiques, and family heirlooms.

        Mumford Restoration offers restoration expertise, professional damage assessment, and estimated retail value on items (not structures) that have been damaged from fire/water, moving, and other types of commercial/residential damage.

          We make it easy to connect with us about your restoration or repair—let us know how we can be of service to you and your family!


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            There are but a few items that possess the sentimental power of a photograph. Captured moments of our personal history that hold images of those dear and departed cannot be replaced.

            At Mumford Restoration, we have developed an extraordinary level of expertise in digital photograph restoration, from photos damaged by fire and water to photos that have faded and aged. As passionate as we are about furniture, digital photograph restoration is a close second.  

            Until you have felt the sense of loss many of our clients have experienced, believing their entire photo history has been lost to a house fire or a burst water heater–you cannot imagine the joy on their faces when we are able to salvage and restore their family history! Even the old family photo of great-great-grandparents, so faded it can hardly be recognized anymore…bringing that back to life and color has made our clients burst into tears.  See some of our digital photograph restorations here.

            photography restoration male portrait photo before & after

            Service Levels

            Check out the four levels of service we offer to meet your digital photo restoration needs.


            How It Works

            Learn more about what we can do to help your precious photos!


            Before & After Gallery

            Check out some of our amazing photo repairs and restorations here.


            When To Restore?

            10 questions to ask now to help you decide if it's time to restore your treasured pieces.

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            Our experts cover all aspects of digital photo restoration; removing imperfections, cleaning from mold or mildew, repairing tears and cracks, restoring faded color, removing wear left by tape, glue or ink.  

            We also have technicians on our team that can enlarge, crop, enhance or convert a photo to shades of black, white, or sepia, by working pixel by pixel digitally or focusing on restoring and preserving the original.

            For photos that may have been severely damaged, digital photo restoration offers an opportunity to salvage those priceless memories and preserve them forever!

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            photography restoration female portrait

            Most Popular

            Platinum Level

            • Disassemble

            • Clean

            • Restore original photograph

            • Digital scan, digital pixel restoration

            • Provide CD/Flash Drive

            • Replace frame

            • New hardware

            • Reassemble

            Gold Level

            • Disassemble

            • Clean

            • Deacidify

            • Digital Scan

            • Provide CD/Flash Drive

            • Restore Original Photograph

            • New non-acidic backing

            • Reframe in original frame

            • New hardware

            • Reassemble

            Silver Level

            • Disassemble

            • Clean

            • Deacidify

            • Minor touch up of original

            • Touchup frame

            • New hardware

            • Reassemble

            Bronze Level

            • Disassemble

            • Clean

            • Reassemble

            photography restoration men in wagon before

            photography restoration men in wagon after

            photography restoration six men at tent before

            photography restoration six men at tent after

            photography restoration small girl digital restoration before

            photography restoration small girl digital restoration after

            photography restoration torn photo of girl before

            photography restoration torn photo of girl after

            photography restoration family photo before

            photography restoration family photo after

            photography restoration couple photo before

            photography restoration couple photo after

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            Do you have a photograph(s) that you would like to digitally restore? Connect with one of our Restoration Consultants to restore your family memories!

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