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The Mumford Restoration Process

Our Restoration Process

What’s it worth?  While monetary value is usually a factor when it comes to restoration,  Mumford looks to answer a much more important question – what’s it worth to you? – in order to determine the proper restoration process for your heirloom piece. While other restoration companies may give you an estimate of fair market value, our 34 years of service in this industry has enabled us to develop a detailed process that allows our customers to learn about their heirloom pieces, choose from restoration options, and even gain insight into themselves.

Here’s what you can expect with a Mumford restoration:

Customer Connection

Before we even begin to determine the value of your item or restoration cost our experts talk to you to learn about your personal connection the piece. How long have you had it? Who owned it before you? Where did it come from? What makes this piece special to you? While you are welcome to bring your items to us, we are happy to meet you in your home to learn about your personal connection and view your treasured piece in its natural habitat.


Next we determine the what, when and where. Our restoration specialists perform a 23 point inspection of your piece to determine what it’s made of, when it was made, and its geographical origin. At this point we offer a fair market appraisal which tells you how much money you should expect to get if you sold this item today.

Sentimental Value

This is different from the fair market appraisal because it takes into consideration your opinion, your connection to the piece, and your plans for this item once it’s restored.  To determine sentimental value we ask our clients questions such as “Is this item unique or irreplaceable?” and  “Will you be passing this item down to your children or other another family member?”

4 Service Levels

At Mumford Restoration choosing to restore or not to restore is more than a “yes” or “no” question. We offer four levels of restoration service based on customer needs, desires and budget. We take into account your personal connection to the piece, the appraised value as well as the sentimental value and determine the restoration service level best for you. Our restoration specialists will be happy to discuss our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of service and how they would apply specifically to your piece.

When you trust your restoration to Mumford you can be assured that the restoration of your piece is in the hands of caring experts. We have 24 restoration service categories – artwork, books, brass, furniture, and many more – with specialists in each. Do you have a piece that is hidden in an attic or pushed into a dark corner of your home waiting to be restored to its original beauty and glory? Give us a call at (919) 510-6310 to learn more about our restoration process. We serve areas from Raleigh to Winston-Salem, NC and look forward to restoring your treasured heirloom so that you and your family can enjoy this special connection to the past for many years to come.

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