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Make Your Silver Shine! Call Mumford Restoration

silver_restorationDo you have a silver plate restoration project or need help with silver restoration sterling or otherwise in mind. Mumford Restoration specializes in the restoration of all types of silver.

Although many items just need expert cleaning and polishing there are some that need silver plating or re-silvered, often referred to as re-silvering, silver re-plating, silver dipping, and silver plating. We also provide all of these services along with tips on cleaning and storing your valuable pieces.

If you have a special event where your sterling silver flatware needs to really shine we can help by providing flatware polishing, flatware buffing and flatware cleaning to remove the minor scratches. As a result you pieces will end up looking like new.

For finer sterling silver or silverplate pieces that have been damaged there is no need to hide them in your drawers. Our sterling restoration tradesmen can bring them back to their original grandeur. Even garbage disposal damaged silverware can be repaired. And the good news is that it usually can be done for less than the cost to replace it.

Services include

  • Silver plate restoration and repair
  • Silverware polishing and silver cleaning
  • Sterling silver repair
  • Silver plating
  • Flatware buffing
  • Repair & polishing.

Common sterling silver repair or silver plate repair needs

  • Dents
  • Broken legs/handles and hinges
  • Disposal damage
  • Bent and unlined parts
  • Twisted bases
  • Leaks and dull finishes that just need a professional polishing.

Common Restoration Services

Mumford Restoration provides general cleaning and machine polishing to remove minor blemishes from silver flatware and silver plated flatware and other silver items such as tea pots and candles.

Service Levels

Platinum Service

Full Restoration;
Remove old finish, make repairs, remove dents, order or make any missing parts, replate if needed, rewire with new sockets, final hand or machine polishing and two coats of metal lacquer.

Gold Service

Repair, Polish and Lacquer;
Remove old finish, make repairs, remove dents, rewire, final machine or hand polishing and two coats of metal lacquer.

Silver Service

Polish and Lacquer;
Remove old finish, machine or hand polishing and two coats of metal lacquer.

Bronze Service

Remove acidity, hand cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning.

6 Reasons to Choose Mumford Restoration

  1. Free Estimate with a 23-point inspection
  2. Free Appraisal to determine the fair market value of your pieces ($150 value)
  3. Four Levels of Service for you to choose the correct process
  4. Pick-up & Delivery Available
  5. Guaranteed Completion Date or we’ll give you $50
  6. Free Report “10 Questions Anyone Can Use to Determine When to Restore”
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