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Emergency Treatment of Damaged Books

///Emergency Treatment of Damaged Books

Salvaging Sentimental Stories, One Binding At a Time

Books. Maybe you’ve got an entire library full of them. Maybe you only have a few cherished ones. Perhaps you own a book that was a childhood favorite, that you want to pass down to your children. You may even have a book that you don’t read at all, but it’s a gift from a loved one. A book can be easily damaged at any moment. Water from a cup might get knocked over while you’re reading. Smoke from a fire may seep into its binding and pages. If the conditions are correct, or incorrect that is, mold may begin to grow on the pages, tearing your beloved book apart.

There are many things that can inflict damage upon book:

  • Smoke from Fire
  • Pets
  • Water
  • Humidity/Mold
  • Consistent Usage

It can be costly to repair or replace damaged books and some may be irreplaceable. Spills, accidents and bouts with Mother Nature are unfortunately unavoidable, but if something does happen, there is a way to protect your book from further degradation. And the experts at Mumford Restoration are always here to help you bring it back to life with our book restoration services if it holds sentimental meaning well beyond the words written on the page.

Freeze The Book

The cardinal rule for any situation involving mold, water or smoke, is to wrap the book in wax paper and quickly place it into the freezer to stop any further damage.

Freezing a book will give you more time. If left wet, the book will begin to rapidly deteriorate. Books can be salvaged if air dried within 48 hours after getting wet, but if you have no time or equipment to immediately dry, freezing will afford you time to make arrangements. If using a home freezer, adjust it to the coldest setting.

Why Freeze?

  • Water Damage – Freezing the water that is already in the book slows down ink bleeding and page dissolve, giving you more time to prepare for air drying the book
  • Smoke – covering the book in wax paper prevents oils from your hands from touching the book, as the oils can push soot and smoke particles further into the pages
  • Mold – Freezing the book will slow down the growth and spread of mold

Once you’ve taken this step, call the professional team at Raleigh’s own Mumford Restoration at (919) 510-6310, and we’ll begin the task of restoring your damaged book to its former glory!

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