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Furniture Restoration with Your Refund

///Furniture Restoration with Your Refund

Restore Your Battered & Broken Family Heirlooms With Your Tax Refund!

It’s that time of the year again when you might have gotten a little extra cash back after filing your taxes, that you want to use for something special! If you are thinking about spending it on new furniture or home decor and you already have an attic full of inherited pieces, why not consider putting your refund into that furniture already in your possession?

You may never know what heirloom treasures you have until you call Mumford Restoration for a Free Inspection & Estimate!

Revamp Your Living Space

New furniture just isn’t made quite like older furniture. A new piece of furniture could never replicate the craftsmanship that went into an antique or even mid-century piece. By having family heirlooms or inherited furniture restored, you are breathing new life into the piece and your home, especially if it holds some sentimental value. Interior decorators in particular love to mix old and new to create their own, unique home style and the possibilities are endless. You can refinish or restore a piece to it’s original glory OR you can completely alter the appearance of it to match your more modern or eclectic style. Here are some ideas for older furniture or heirlooms you may have:

  • Wood Furniture: From chairs to nightstands to cabinets, it is amazing to see what they look like all fixed up as they were in their prime.
  • Upholstered Furniture: Don’t toss that beautiful sofa, chaise lounge or ottoman just because the upholstery is beyond repair. Upholstery can easily be replaced with something that suits your style!
  • Outdoor Patio Furniture:  Sandblasting, welding repairs and powder coating is all included in our “Full Restoration” of metal outdoor furniture. After restoration is complete, we will even explain how to preserve the refinished look. There is no reason that rod iron patio furniture can’t last for another 50 years!

Save Money on New Decor

New furniture is expensive, so what not see what you can save by fixing up older pieces instead? If you were to buy a new piece of furniture that was the same make as a piece you already have in your possession (only a little less dinged up), then more than likely, repairing or refinishing the piece you already have would save you a good amount.

Even full restoration projects of antique pieces can be more cost effective than buying something new because the quality and life expectancy of newer furniture is so significantly less.

Clean Out Your Attic, Shed or Garage

When deciding whether an old item should go in the landfill or in your home, picture it as if it was in its glory days. Chances are, if it looked that nice now, you wouldn’t hesitate to blend it with your current style.

Some furniture you just can’t throw away. It’s time to bring it all out of that dark, dingy garage & back into the living room!

If you can think of a few pieces that are waiting for their chance to shine again, call Mumford Restoration today at  (919) 510-6310 and we’ll schedule a Free In-Home Inspection & Evaluation!

6 Reasons to Choose Mumford Restoration

  1. Free Estimate with a 23-point inspection
  2. Free Appraisal to determine the fair market value of your pieces ($150 value)
  3. Four Levels of Service for you to choose the correct process
  4. Pick-up & Delivery Available
  5. Guaranteed Completion Date or we’ll give you $50
  6. Free Report “10 Questions Anyone Can Use to Determine When to Restore”
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